Welcome to my Portfolio,
my name is Jonas Alsleben and I'm a landscape and nature photographer from Germany. My aim is to inspire and to raise awareness about the beauty, versatility, uniqueness and preciousness that nature still has. No matter where I am in the world my camera helps me to capture what impresses me for my family and friends. It accompanied me in a range of interesting, beautiful and frightening situations and locations. I have experienced many of the best moments of the last few years through its lenses. It is powerful because it can produce images that keep, express oneself and deliver emotions. Even if I am traveling alone or just with a friend I am able to share what I experience.
I study Geography at the University of Bonn and currently at University College London with the focus on Geomorphology, Landscape Ecology, Hydrology and Human - Environment Interactions. 
Contact me, tell me what you think about my work and do not hesitate to ask for cooperation.